Five Things Bad for the Ocean and What You Can Do to Help:

Carbon Emissions

We create carbon emissions whenever we turn on the lights, charge our phones, or take a ride on a plane or in a car. The ocean absorbs most of the carbon emissions in the atmosphere, and that makes the ocean very acidic, causing disturbances in the oceans natural cycles, animals, plants, and water.

How you can help:  Saving electricity, using green power and even eating less meat can dramatically help decrease carbon emissions.

Plastic/ Packaging

Each person throws out about 185 pounds of plastic a year, something that will never decompose, or disappear.  Plastic kills marine life, and can sometimes eventually end up in your seafood.

How you can help:  Reducing the amount of plastic you buy, reusing plastic items when possible, and recycling plastic to keep it from ending up in our oceans.

Seafood and Sushi

 Sometimes what’s good for our bodies can be harmful to the earth.  This is true in the case of seafood.  Eating fish is a healthy lifestyle choice, but overfishing our oceans is hurting our planet.  Scientists predict that all of our fisheries will be gone by 2050. That is only 38 years from now.

How you can help:  Eating little seafood, and if you are, following this guide: It will tell you which fish are better to eat than others.

Consumer Products and Whale Deaths

The shipping industry is growing, and you’d never think that buying that toy off could hurt anyone- but it does.  The shipping industry harms whales, just to name one.  Cargo ships create noise, or acoustic smog, making it hard for whales to communicate with each other.  This can lead to stress, which affects a whale’s breeding and feeding habits. And let’s not forget deaths caused by collision with ships.

How you can help:  Buying locally produced goods.

Oil spills

By now you’ve probably heard of the oil spill that happened in the Gulf of Mexico in April 2010.   The US uses 19.7 million barrels of oil a day, of which 71% goes to transportation. The more we drill, the closer we are to having another disaster like the oil spill.

How you can help:  Decreasing your dependence on oil by reducing the amount of time you spend in your car.  You can do this easily by walking, biking, using public transport, and carpooling.


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