The final cards will feature artwork and models by H2O members, rather than the Creative Commons photographs we have in most of our samples (all taken from Wikimedia Commons).  But here are two examples of modeling coral with crochet and paper.

Modeling Corals with Crochet and Paper20120516044225-modelingcoralscrochetpaper

The most interesting feature of the wire coral is the dramatic spiral. How do you model this? Very easily with crochet! Just make a chain of stitches. In the second row, put two stitches into each one stitch from the chain. The 1:2 ratio will do the work for you! Experiment with other ratios, as we do all the time in this project, and see what happens.

We highly recommend you explore a coccolithophore single-cell plant under the microscope – or use wonderful open images from others who did. The funky plant looks like a sphere covered in rings. How do you model this with paper folding? Use the fact that polygons approximate circles. Start with a paper circle. Our student used two-colored cupcake liners. Inscribe a polygon, such as a hexagon, into it. You can draw the hexagon or just imagine it there. Fold along the straight lines. You will form a very organic-looking ring!

I love to see children developing their mathematical imagination!

Dr. Maria Droujkova


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