Healing Oceans Together Launches Community-Based Craft Coral Reef Project

Healing Oceans Together (H2O), an organization of homeschool middle and high school students and their families, is launching a new project as part of its mission to help save the oceans through hands-on environmental awareness activities.  Entitled the Craft Coral Reef, this initiative seeks to explore the math and science of the threatened ecological habitat of the coral reef by constructing model corals using arts and crafts, including crochet, origami, beading, playdough, and even pasta!  The Craft Coral Reef is inspired by several math, science and art initiatives, including the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef, Bridges Conference,  and mathematical origami artists.

We are now looking for volunteers to join our community effort to construct a model reef. People of all ages can contribute to the project by creating and donating their individual art pieces to the collaborative coral reef.  Chambers Arts gallery in downtown Cary will host the Craft Coral Reef for everybody to see it grow.

We invite local communities to participate in the project through a series of free public workshops.  Members of H2O help workshop participants learn crafting techniques, and engage them in math and science discussions about modeling, reefs, their inhabitants, and, most importantly, things that we as individuals can do to help the coral reefs survive.

We are now accepting RSVPs to the fourth of our scheduled workshops.  On Thursday, May 3, at Chambers Arts from 3:45-4:45 PM, we will hold another crochet-based workshop.  Anyone who can do a chain stitch in crochet is invited to come learn how to create model corals using crochet.  Your completed piece will be added to our collaborative display, helping our Craft Coral Reef to grow week by week!

Space is limited, so please RSVP to Melody Proctor at melodyathome@yahoo.com with the number and names of people attending, plus the age of any children or youth participating.  These workshops are free (although donations to support the project are always welcome!), but if possible, please bring your own yarn and crochet hooks.

We will be scheduling additional workshops through at least May, so stay tuned for further announcement soon.  Some of these will be based on media other than crochet, including some geared to students who are too young for fine handwork.  For example, we finalizing arrangements to host some workshops with the new Cary Creative Center, downtown Cary’s new version of the popular Scrap Exchange in Durham!

We think this could be a wonderful, fun, hands-on way to raise awareness in our community about protecting the coral reefs, but we can’t do it without lots of help!  So we hope lots of you will become involved in this project in the coming months.

Click on the Craft Coral Reef Flyer to see what the Craft Coral Reef may look like!

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