Today, June 8th, is World Ocean Day–a day to remind everyone how much our oceans mean to us!  The official World Ocean Day organization would like everyone to mark this occasion by (1) wearing blue clothes and (2) telling two other people why.

We can all do that, right?  But if you want to do even more, you can check out our webpage on How You Can Help the Oceans.  The World Ocean Day organizers are asking everyone to take a pledge of some specific actions to make the oceans healthier.

Not sure what to pledge? Try one of these!:

  • I pledge to buy sustainable fish
  • I pledge to ask my local grocer to stock sustainable seafood
  • I pledge to not eat meat on Mondays
  • I pledge to bring reusable bags to the grocery store
  • I pledge to get a reusable water bottle
  • I pledge to bike to work one day a week instead of drive
  • I pledge to shop a thrift store first instead of buying new
  • I pledge to buy local food first

Join Healing Oceans Together in taking some steps in your own life to help the oceans become healthier.  Small actions, taken together, can make a big difference!


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