While our recent focus at H2O has been the crochet-based Craft Coral Reef project (see our last post for more information on that), we are committed to spreading the word about coral reef to all populations, including those who are too young or too old for the fine handwork required to crochet or do complicated beadwork or origami.  So in addition to our crochet Craft Coral Reef workshops, we have also been offering workshops that show people how to create coral reefs out of recycled materials and other items commonly found in a typical kitchen.

In addition to the Spring Fling craft activities discussed in an earlier post, H2O offered two FREE workshops geared to both extremes of the age continuum.

First, H2O went to an assisted living facility to work with the residents there to create their own model corals.

H2O members and supporters worked with the seniors, one of whom was going to turn 92 the next day!


Here is the community Kitchen Craft Coral Reef they created together.

The following week, H2O taught a preschool craft on life in the coral reef.  It began with some education about coral–what it is, how it grows, how it can be damaged by humans-and an age-appropriate story told with puppets:

Then the students got to work on their own coral creations.  It was messy, but fun!

So it just goes to show–you are never too young or too old to care about the coral reefs!


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