After months of work by dozens of crocheters and other artists, the community-based Craft Coral Reef project being led by H2O has been unveiled to the public!

ChambersArts!, an interactive arts studio and gallery in downtown Cary, NC (located in Ashworth Village at the corner of Chatham and Academy Streets), is hosting our public display of the reef.  We hope to use it to raise awareness about the Coral Reefs, which are the sanctuaries for the greatest concentration of life in all of the ocean, but are endangered due to human activities such as dredging, non-sustainable fishing practices, and the acidification of the oceans due to burning of fossil fuels.

We hope that many of you (at least those who are local) will come visit ChambersArts! and see our Craft Coral Reef in person.  But until then, here is a video with some close ups of our community’s coral creations:

This is just the beginning of the display, however.  H2O will continue to hold public workshops to add additional items to the reef.  So be sure to check back and watch our Craft Coral Reef grow!

Many thanks to our dozens of crocheters and other artists who contributed to this project, and especially to ChambersArts! for installing a special aquarium-inspired display case to share our Craft Coral Reef with the public.


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  1. […] our recent focus at H2O has been the crochet-based Craft Coral Reef project (see our last post for more information on that), we are committed to spreading the word about coral reef to all […]

  2. Olivia says:

    you do not cease to amaze me

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