Healing Oceans Together (H2O) ran a Coral Reef Craft activities table at the recent Spring Fling picnic and festival sponsored by Cary Homeschoolers.  In addition to displaying some educational materials about coral, we assisted students in developing coral reef creatures in both crochet and origami, as we have in our other FREE public workshops.

However, a focus of our activities at the Spring Fling was to create a coral reef collaboratively using recycled materials and items commonly found in the kitchen.  Used items that would otherwise have gone into our landfills–things like styrafoam meat packs, toilet paper rolls, used straws, empty yogurt containers, etc.–instead were repurposed to create this wonderful piece of community art:

Here are some close up shot of some components of the group project:




H2O wants to acknowledge the many artists (ranging from preschoolers to teenagers) who contributed to our community CHS Recycled Kitchen Crafts Coral Reef.   Thanks to the following students for making coral art with us:

Benny, Metta, Madison, Isaac, Mark, Erin, Lilly S., Allegra, Katie, Lilly, Julia, Kelsey, Maureen, Emily, Alex, Genna, Chloe, Peter, Lucy, Samantha, Gabrielle, Marlee, Anna Grace, Jack, Gwyneth, Kaya, and Carly

PS–We tried to keep track of all our participating artists, but if we missed you, just let us know and we will add you to our list.  We want everyone to helped to get the credit they deserve!  After all, this blog is visited by people by people from 46 states and about 70 foreign countries, so you don’t want to miss out on any opportunity for international glory!


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