It’s been a little over a month since H2O launched its latest project–creating a Triangle NC-area Craft Coral Reef!  Since then, we’ve held five FREE public workshops that have helped dozens of people of all ages to make some coral creations of their own.

We especially appreciate the dozens of volunteers who have joined us in crocheting coral-inspired creations for the crochet-focused Craft Coral Reef that will be displayed in downtown Cary (stay tuned for more details on that exhibit as they get finalized).  We’ve had crocheters from four to 50+, ranging from novices to experts, making all sorts of fantastic coral-inspired life made of nothing more than yarn and their own imaginations.

When we started the project, H2O members had created some sample items:

But after the second public workshop, it had grown to this:

Here are a few pictures from our first workshop:

Our second workshop:

And our third workshop:

We even had a collaborative creation from our youngest artist to date (she’s 4), who finger knitted tentacles to go with her mother’s crocheted jellyfish:

So we’re having lots of fun, and creating some beautiful corals to boot!

If you are in the Triangle NC area and want to join us, our next workshop is on Thursday, May 3.  Many thanks to ChambersArts, which has been hosting this FREE public workshops for us.

We appreciate everyone’s contributions (including those who are crocheting things for us at home without coming to a workshop).  Keep up the good work, everyone!  We still need lots more, though, so if you want to contribute and haven’t had a chance to yet, just let us know.  There’s still plenty of time to be part of our consciousness-raising community Craft Coral Reef.


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  1. […] Healing Oceans Together (H2O) ran a Coral Reef Craft activities table at the recent Spring Fling picnic and festival sponsored by Cary Homeschoolers.  In addition to displaying some educational materials about coral, we assisted students in developing coral reef creatures in both crochet and origami, as we have in our other FREE public workshops. […]

  2. melodyproctor says:

    There will be a “coral reef crochet circle” hosted at my home in North Raleigh near the intersection of 540 and Leesville Road this Thursday, May 17th from 7-8:30pm. Please RSVP to and I will send you all the details. Come and participate with our group in creating a fabulous craft coral reef to be displayed at Chamber Arts in downtown Cary. Melody Proctor

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