This slug was molded by Noah.

1.  You modeled your slug in its ocean habitat.  What does this habitat provide for your slug to live?

It provides the sponges it eats.

2. How do you feel about sea slugs?  Do you feel differently that before you came to the workshop?

Sea slugs are neat, but I don’t feel much different about them than before.

3.  In a few months, people will start visiting our beaches and playing in our oceans for the summer.  What advice would you give to a beachgoer to help them care for the oceans while they’re there?

Don’t touch the coral reefs. Don’t touch the fish. Don’t go fishing. Watch your step and don’t litter.

4. What is the most amazing ocean animal you have ever seen?

That is a really hard question. I like a lot of things: octopi, dolphin, whales, angler fish, jellyfish, clownfish and sea slugs are all cool

5.  Would you give a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down to the way humans care for the oceans?


Post done by Mehlynn, I chose this Sea Slug because of it’s beautiful colors and unique shapes! Thank you Noah!


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