Healing Oceans Together is launching a new community-based hands-on project to raise awareness about the oceans.  This time, instead of focusing on sea slugs, we’re concentrating on another beautiful and fascinating ocean invertebrate–coral, and the related life that develop around the coral reef.

The Craft Coral Reef project will explore the math and science of the threatened ecological habitat of the coral reef by constructing model corals using arts and crafts, including crochet, origami, beading, playdough, and even pasta!  The Craft Coral Reef is inspired by several math, science and art initiatives, including the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral ReefBridges Conference,  and mathematical origami artists.

For more information, see our Craft Coral Reef page.  And be sure to check in weekly to see pictures of our reef as it grows!


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  1. […] been a little over a month since H2O launched its latest project–creating a Triangle NC-area Craft Coral Reef!  Since then, we’ve held five FREE public […]

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