Sea Slug of the Day!! Kaitlyn!

1. What do you know about sea slugs that helped you create your model? Did you learn any of these things at the Sea Slug Workshop? I know that sea slugs eat poisonous material that would be dangerous for other animals to eat. They help the coral reef. The coral reef suffers without the sea slugs. I learned everything I know about sea slugs at the Sea Slug Workshop. ☺
2. Where do your sea slugs live? Hmmm. In a cardboard box at the moment. Maybe I should create a more hospitable environment.
3. In a few months, people will start visiting our beaches and playing in our oceans for the summer. What advice would you give to a beachgoer to help them care for the oceans while they’re there? To not hurt any animals and to be gentle with any creatures that they meet in the sea.
4. Would you give a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down to the way humans care for the oceans? Um. Sometimes people do try and sometimes people throw trash into the ocean. So, half and half.
5. What is your favorite part about the ocean? I really like starfish.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    We had so much fun! Thank you for posting!
    Kaitlyn and Mom

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