Made by Kaya
Q: What’s the Sea slug’s name, and could you share a bit about it?
A: The big Sea Slug with the silver middle, with pink outline, antenna & purple eyes  is named Glitter Slug. Glitter is a mama & has a humongous family. She has 10 babies. Only one of her babies is pink, and it is the most poisonous of them all. It developed its poison glands sooner than the rest. Glitter is poisonous as well. Her favorite food is algae & her babies love seaweed. They are all vegetarians. They live under rocks, to protect themselves, until they turn pink & have developed their poison glands. Glitter lives very deep in the sea, where it is dark. She has poor eyesight. She uses her antenna to know where she is.
Q: Could you tell us a bit about yourself?
A(in her mum’s perspective): Kaya loves to spend as much of her summers as she can at Emerald Isle.  She loves to humanely catch fish, clams & sand diggers from the sea, observe them for a bit and then release them back into the ocean.  She also likes to play in the sand and waves.  In the morning, she likes to collect shells & pick up litter on the shore with her mommy.  One of her favorite friends to visit at the beach in Nimbus.  He is an albino sea turtle with a chipped beak & other problems.  He lives at the Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium.  Kaya visits him regularly.
Q: Why did Kaya decide to come to our workshop?
A: Kaya supported H20 because she realizes that most people don’t understand the importance of sea slugs.  Also because she loves the ocean & nature in general.
Q: What is Kaya’s favorite sea creature?

A: Kaya loves all sea creatures, but especially Nimbus (above) seals, sand diggers and dolphins.

This Sea Slug(s) of the Day was chosen by mc5ugg because he thought that they looked mostly realistic.


About mc5ugg

Questionable marine botanist, who enjoys food that his mom cooks for him

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