This Sea Slug was created by Alexander.

Did you model the sea slug after a real sea slug or from your imagination?

I made my own sea slug out of  my imagination.

What do you like most about the sea slug that you created?

What I like most is the red.

Why did you come to the Sea Slug workshop?

To make sea slugs.

What did you enjoy most about it?

When we made sea slugs.

Did you vote in our Sea Slug Beauty contest? Do you mind sharing with us which one you voted for and why?

Cyerce Nigricans. Because I love it.

What is your favorite sea creature?


What advice do you have to tell people that want to help the oceans?

If you see anybody fishing too much, tell them to stop fishing. If there’s any people throwing trash in the ocean, tell divers to go down and get it.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your sea slug, sea slugs in general or about the oceans?

There are no dolphins in the deep ocean.

This sea slug was selected as Sea Slug of the Day by Melody.  She loved how all the pieces came together to create a beautiful animal.



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