These are slugs created by Hannah during our Valentine Day workshop. Maria liked them because they show how two different types of sculpture media lead to two different types of “biological” features.

The two slugs on the left are created with homemade play-dough. It’s very light and soft, but can’t keep the point. So, they are covered with roundish bumps, maybe like family Phyllidiidae slugs in nature.

The slug on the right is made with Sculpey, which is more viscous and can hold fine details, like the pointy cerata. It supports modeling of different species of slugs.

Here’s Hannah’s interview:

  • Do your sea slugs have names or titles? (I have the names she gave during the workshop, but please ask to confirm which one is which).
    • Yes. Simon is on the left, Jared is in the middle, and Charlie is on the right.
  • Did you model your sea slugs off a real one or create them out of your imagination?
    • I used my imagination.
  • What is your favorite thing about your sea slugs?
    • I like their colors and shapes.
  • What is your favorite sea creature?
    • Sharks and sea turtles

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