Green Apple Pie and Purple Pencil are designed by Gail F.
Did you model these sea slugs after a real sea slug, or create from your imagination?  Green Apple Pie was modeled after another student’s sea slug creation.  Purple pencil was created from my imagination.
What did you like best about your sea slugs?  I liked that they could be any color and they did not have to be a real sea slug color.  I liked that they were so colorful.
Did you vote in our Sea Slug Beauty Contest, and if so, which one did you vote for and why (if you don’t mind sharing)?  I voted for Chromodoris kuniei, the first one.  It had my favorite color in it…purple.  (This was  the winner of our contest, Gail!….Thanks for casting your vote.)
What is your favorite sea creature and why?  My favorite is the Starfish!    Because it if loses its arm, it can grow back another one and if  it is cut in half, it can grow back the rest of its body.
What advice do you have to tell people that want to help the  oceans?     DON’T DUMP TRASH IN THE OCEANS!
This Sea Slug of the Day was chosen by Melody because it reminded me of a beautiful flower.

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