Today’s slug was created by Amy

Q: Does your sea slug have special abilites?

A: He can shoot poison darts at enemies.

Q: What is your favorite ocean creature, and why is it your favorite?

A: Sea star because it looks beautiful.

Q:What is the best experience you’ve had at the beach?

A:  Hanging out at Wrightsville Beach with my cousin Katie and walking to get ice cream all by ourselves.

Q: If you were a sea creature what would you be?

A: A shark

Q: What advice do you have for people who want to help the oceans?

A: Don’t litter because the sea animals think its food and then they get sick or hurt by our trash.

This was written/posted by Chloe.  I chose this sea slug to be featured today because I thought it looked realistic.


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  1. ccross says:

    That’s a really good point, Amy–our trash isn’t just messy, it creates a danger for sea life. Thanks for pointing it out, and for sharing your sea slug with us. Beautiful–and it shoots poison darts as well! How cool is that?

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