Here is today’s featured sea slug:









Glaucus atlanticus by S.P.

Q:  Why did you create this sea slug?

A:  I wanted to make a model based on a real sea slug, the glaucus atlanticus.

Q:  Why do you like the glaucus atlanticus?

A:  I like it because it doesn’t look like a regular sea slug.  I think it looks more like a dragon.  I also like it because it lives in North Carolina, where I live, and it eats jellyfish.  I don’t like to swim with jellyfish, so I like things that eat them.

Q:  Did you enjoy the Great Sea Slug Beauty Contest?

A:  It was pretty fun.  At least my favorite sea slug came in second.

Q:  What other sea creatures do you like, besides sea slugs?

A:  I think electric eels are neat.

Q:  Why do you care about the oceans?

A:  Most of the planet is ocean.  If we don’t take care of the oceans, our whole world will get really messed up.


The Sea Slug of the Day was chosen and posted by Carol.  I liked it because it was a model of one of the top contestants in our recent Great Sea Slug Beauty Contest.


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