Participants at our recent sea slug workshops made so many beautiful models of sea slugs that we decided to share them with the rest of the world!

Today we have TWO Sea Slugs of the Day:

P1180599 by carol cross

SEA SLUG DIFFERENT COLORS (left) and LALA (right) made by Metta.

Q:  Why did you make your sea slugs like this?

A:  Because they are pretty.  And I wanted one that is pretty that I made.  It is because I really liked them (sea slugs) and so I made them.

Q:  So you hadn’t heard about sea slugs before, but now that you know about them, you like them?

A:  Yes.  I learned about sea slugs.  I really liked the story (about Ruby the Spanish Dancer Sea Slug).

Q:  What is your favorite sea creature besides sea slugs?

A:  Mermaids

Q:  Why do you care about the oceans?

A:  They are a fun place to play for me.  You can swim in them and they have big waves.

Q:  Do you have a role model for helping to take care of the oceans?

A:  I like Dora (the Explorer) because she helps the oceans be clean because she picks up all the trash.  I like that.

Q:  Do you have a favorite Dora book to share with other young students who want to help the oceans?

A:  Dora Saves Mermaid Kingdom!

Note:  Here are a couple of online resources for other Dora fans

Dora’s Color & Read Mermaid Storybook

Dora’s Mermaid Adventure  Help Dora clean the ocean by vacuuming up trash in this online game

This Sea Slugs of the Day post is by Carol.  I chose these sea slugs because they are sweet and pretty and remind me of a rainbow!


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